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Satellite Motion

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With our project UB-SPACE, we are supporting the work towards cleaning up the space!

As part of REXUS (Rocket EXperiments for University Students) cycle 9, we will send an experiment to space. The experiment uses plenty of cameras and sensors to monitor a small satellite that we are ejecting from the rocket.

How does this help to clean up the space?

There is a lot of space debris orbiting our planet, making space missions more and more difficult. A possible way to remove this debris is to use spacecrafts that are able to autonomously collect objects in space. For the best possible performance of such systems, they have to be thoroughly tested and trained. This is where we come in. We want to provide a freely accessible data set of an uncooperative satellite in real space. Our data can be used for more realistic tests of such autonomous systems and thereby improve the chance of success for missions to clean up the space.

If you're curious now, just have a look on our latest activities, find out more about what we do, who we are and don't forget to come round the ones that make the project possible with their support.

You want to know more or get in touch with us? Don't hesitate, we look forward to you contacting us!


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