Month: May 2016

iCubeSat Workshop 2016

On 25th May, the presentation of our project at the iCubeSat Workshop 2016 was successfully completed. ūüėÄ Amina, as our scientific responsible, went to Oxford to represent the team. She gave a talk on the experiment and relevant applications of our resulting data for interplanetary space missions. A very special experience since it was her Read More …

DLR_School_Lab Bremen Newsletter May 2016

As you already know,¬†three of us are¬†working for the DLR_School_Lab Bremen. Just now, the¬†DLR_School_Lab Newsletter¬†for May 2016 was published, mentioning¬†our project. There are also a lot of other fascinating topics¬†included, so it’s¬†worth reading! (The¬†newsletter¬†is¬†only available in German)