iCubeSat Workshop 2016

view_radcliffe-cameraOn 25th May, the presentation of our project at the iCubeSat Workshop 2016 was successfully completed. 😀

Amina, stage_1as our scientific responsible, went to Oxford to represent the team. She gave a talk on the experiment and relevant applications of our resulting data for interplanetary space missions. A very special experience since it was her first talk on a conference and in particular in view of the top-class audience and location.

There was a wide range of topics presented. All presentations can be found here.

Autonomous relative navigation was named as a highly challenging task within several other presentations. So, when our data is published, there might be some interest for it.


Beside the scientific part, there was a worthwhile accompanying programme which included a tour around the university campus and a dinner with the other participants.
It was a great opportunity to get to know some of the other participants and to learn more about Europe’s third oldest university.

There was also some time left to explore parts of the city with its beautiful, epoch-spanning architecture.