Integration Week

The integration week took place just around the corner for us at ZARM, so we could just take our experiment and tools and walk down the street.

1_weg 2_integration

Because of difficulties in delivery, our camera holders arrived too late and the shaker test could not take place on Monday morning as scheduled. Fortunately in the end a new date was fixed for Thursday.

3_camera_holder 4_shaker_randomr1x

What an exciting test for us! We were worried about our experiment which we are working on for quite long time now – especially when we heard weird sounds during testing. The most thrilling moment was probably when the curve showing the load at different frequencies suddenly dropped for one of the sensors. We all had a sigh of relief when we found out that it was only the sensor wiring which came loose.

5_shaker1 6_shaker2

But our experiment was able to withstand the stress due to the very solid construction of Olli and Julian!

Another important step during the integration week was the integrated testing together with the other experiments. We were able to demonstrate a working communication with the service module.