Maren (Team Leader)

My name is Maren, I’m 23 years old and master student in Industrial Mathematics at the University of Bremen.
For technical application I’m specialising in Electrical Engineering especially in Control and Communication Engineering. In the mathematical part I’m concentrating on Optimisation and Optimal Control.
To gain some experience in the aerospace sector I’m working as a student employee at the DLR_School_Lab Bremen.



Amina (Scientific)

I’m Amina, a Masters student in Industrial Mathematics with the applied subject Electrical Engineering at the University of Bremen.

Beside my studies, I led courses in robotics for three years and gained practical experience in mathematical modelling. Now, I’m working at the DLR_School_Lab in Bremen.



Oliver (Mechanics)

My Name is Oliver and the field of study is Naval Architecture. I was always interested in: How stuff works. Because ships are the largest transportations vehicles, you have tons of stuff in it and everything must work together smoothly. In the REXUS project I am responsible for every frame and screw. I can use my skills to find the best compromise for the project, because that is it what engineers do!



Lars (Electronics)

My name is Lars, I am studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Bremen.
Besides, I am a working student at a middle-sized aerospace supplier in Bremen, mainly developing soft- and hardware for the automation of final tests.
Furthermore I am committed to the voluntary fire brigade.


Marco (Software)

My name is Marco, I am studying Systems Engineering at the University of Bremen.
I am specialised in robotics and automation, but I also attended aerospace lectures, as this is what I am raving for (naturally the space part).
Besides I gained experience in the software industry and am currently working at the the DLR_School_Lab.
Moreover i am lifeguard and am interested in various sports, but not football. 😉



Julian (Quality Assurance)

My name is Julian, I’m 24years old and bachelor student in Aerospace Engineering at the City University of Applied Science Bremen.

Before I’ve started studying I did an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic.

Thereby I gained a lot of hands-on experience which is valuable for the REXUS project.