Testing Weeks in January

The first two weeks of January were scheduled for last adjustments of the experiment and testing of different components.

The main tests concerned the system for attitude determination of the rocket, containing the IMU and the sun sensors. We had the great chance to characterise these sensor in the GPS/INS Test and Verification Facility and the Vibration test facility at DLR’s Institute of Space Systems in Bremen. For this part, we had outstanding support from DLR Oberpfaffenhofen.


We finally got our cameras working, so we could also use the rotation table and the sun simulator for recording test videos. Another important advance of this week was the PCB assembly for the FFU.

sun_simulator_testvideo   vlcsnap-2446-01-31-04h54m45s855

Images: Sun simulator and FFU

There was also a test  to assess the influence of our cameras on the GPS since there had been problems before with previous REXUS experiments. Fortunately, no interferences were detected.

Now, the experiment is ready for Benchtest!